Is there parking available?

Kelsey House does have parking available via a controlled car park immediately next to the venue.

Please take notice of the signage in the car park. It is available to customers during the listed periods;

Monday – Friday  –  6pm-Midnight

Saturday-Sunday  –  All day

*Please note, the car park is monitored and controlled by Gemini Parking Solutions.
*It is the customer’s responsibility to read and understand the parking restrictions prior to use of the carpark.
*In order to register your vehicle for parking you must enter your number plate via the terminal at the front door when you enter Kelsey House.
*Overnight stay is not permitted.

What times do you serve food?

We serve food from when we open until 10pm everyday apart from Sundays when the kitchen closes at 9pm. This does change on Bank Holidays when we will serve food until 10pm on the Sunday as well.

Can I reserve for dinner tonight?

Yes, go to our Booking page and use our booking form, it will show you exactly what times are available for your booking. Once you book it will put you on our reservation system and send you a confirmation email.

Can we book for just drinks?

For groups over 10 people we don’t offer sit down dinner. Kelsey House isn’t a restaurant in the classical sense but more a place to spend some time with friends enjoying some great food and drink. We would suggest that Kelsey is more the place to book for a birthday night out or an after work social. We have a special party menu with food options for Parties over 10 and we will usually allocate you a bar table or two or a section of the far end of the building.

 How long do we have a table for?

For the most part we don’t ask you to vacate tables so you are free to relax and enjoy until you are ready to leave us. If a table is reserved for a certain time there will be a reservation sign on that table, if you do want to sit down then please ask a member of staff as we are more than happy for you to sit there until 10 mins before the booking is due to arrive so we can reset the table.

Do you have Gluten Free options?

Yes we do! We infact have an entire menu with Gluten Free options! It’s available in the menu tab at the top of this website. Just let us know when you get here that you require the Gluten Free menu!

Do you have DJ’s?

No we don’t, Kelsey does however play music which is always appropriate to the time of day so expect it to be louder on Friday and Saturday nights as we encourage an atmosphere and letting your hair down at weekends!

Are Children welcome?

Yes, well behaved children are welcome until 6pm. After that it’s time for the adults to play.

I’ve heard you are over 21’s?

If you are coming in for just drink’s, then we do operate an over 21’s policy at the bar

What if I want to book for food after 6pm and one of my party is 17?

While we have policies to encourage the right environment for our guests we are also sensible about issues like this. If you let us know while booking via booking form or call us on 0208 658 8844 then one of our management team will be able to discuss.

Can I book the whole venue?

No at present that is not something we offer, we do host large party bookings and offer groups for Bottomless Brunch so please feel free to check our Party Bookings and Bottomless Brunch pages!

Are Dogs welcome?

Our four-legged friends aren’t allowed inside the house but if you would like to sit outside with them you are more than welcome.